Projects Accomplished and Customer Feedback

 Our Customers

  • Bobba Aviation Group, Bangalore, India
  • Loedige Industries, Warburg, Germany
  • Saudia Cargo, Jeddah, Saudia Arabia
  • Blue Danube Airport Linz, Austria
  • Zurich Airport International AG, Kloten, Switzerland
  • Mumbai International Airport, India
  • Confins International Airport Belo Horizonte, Brazil


"Cargo Development Plan Mumbai Airport"


Consultancy Mandate for GlobalKnowHow.Net by Zurich Airport and the Management of Mumbai International Airport/India to develop a Cargo Improvement Plan for the existing warehouse facilities at Mumbai International Airport/India.

The scope of this mandate comprised

  1. sharing best practices
  2. measures to increase throughput within existing infrastructure constraints
  3. review of commercial agreements
  4. analysis of IT status
  5. cargo tracking mechanism


"...The results delivered by the GKH.Net Team exceeded our expectations. The actions proposed were pragmatic, promising and understandable for the local teams. The documentation had a high quality. The entire project work was concluded within the contracted time frame..."

"...the GKH.Net Team convinced us with their communication strategy and their involvement of the local people, the management and all other stakeholders. Their approach was people driven and sensitive. During the entire course of the project work they maintained a high level of information flow."

"All Team Members showed a high degree of empathy and were focussed on customer and solution orientation. With their flexibility in thoughtful action they succeeded in becoming an integral part of the teams as well as to act and intervene as process facilitators from outside."

"Zurich Airport and the Management Team of Mumbai International Airport wish to thank GKH.Net tor their engagement and commitment..."

"...GKH.Net has proven to be a valuable partner, complementing our services and will be considered as a potantial provider also in respective future projects."



Detailed Certificate of Performance by Zurich Airport
Certificate of performance.pdf
PDF-Dokument [252.5 KB]